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Lash Extension Services 

Hello ladies, are you ready to toss out that mascara? Lash extensions enhance the natural look of the eye, bringing youth and radiance to one’s appearance. Eyelash extensions are strands of natural and/or synthetic hair individually adhered with a special adhesive to one’s own lash that add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. No two people have the same lashes, so you will have a short consultation with your lash artist to discuss the options available based on your natural lashes. 

Lash extensions , Lash lifting

Lash Extensions

Makeup by Pink LLC. offers professional semi-permanent eyelash extensions applied by our experienced lash technicians.  Our micro extensions are totally safe and are applied individually to each of your own natural lashes. These lashes are so realistic that even up-close you cannot tell that they are not your own!  These are not the "strip" or "individual clump" lashes many are familiar with; but, rather, micro lashes that are fused directly one-by-one to your own lashes for a totally natural appearance.  Our technician will place the individual lash extensions in order to frame your eyes and add length and volume where you need it most. 

♥ Add instant length and volume

♥ Classic, Mixed, & Volume thickness offered

♥ Create a more youthful look

♥ Results last 4 to 6 weeks but are 

recommended to fill every 2-3 weeks




Eyelash Extensions are completely safe – the primary ingredient in their exclusive adhesives is the same as that used by plastic surgeons to close wounds without stitches.

Don’t trust your eyelash extensions to just anyone – Makeup by Pink's Eyelash Extension professionals are thoroughly trained in the safe application and removal of lash extensions to give you the sexy, long lashes you desire!


Classic Lash Full Set $120

1 week fill $45

2 week fill $50

3 week fill $55

Mixed Lash Full Set $140

1 week fill $60

2 week fill $65

3 week fill $70

Volume Lash Set $160

1 week $75

2 week fill $80

3 week fill $85

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