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Makeup Lesson Pricelist

There are two separate makeup lessons that I offer. I have to offer them separately due to the time it takes per each session. You can definitely combine the two classes together for one complete session! I offer a discount for purchasing both! 

#1-  Eyes and Lashes Session: 

Includes one 2 hour  session for  makeup application that  solely focuses  on eye shadow placement and blending, eyeliner, lashes, and mascara application.   Deposit required .


#2- Foundation and Contour/ Highlight Session: 

Includes one 2 hour session which focuses solely on foundation placement and blending, setting powder, and contour/ highlight. I also like to discuss some beauty tips for achieving beautiful skin!   Deposit required .


Deposit for one session is $75

NOW OFFERING! Makeup classes for larger groups of women! Great for a girls night to learn crucial makeup skills!  Subscribe below for updates!

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